Wire Guide Awnings

The Wire Guide awning is a unique awning allowing you to raise and lower the awning where there is no posts or options to have channels on the sides.
This is very similar to our Straight Drop Awning but adding the wires to either side to guides the awning bottom rail up and down giving you more control of the awning until you can either strap the awning down or raise the blind in windy weather.

A wire guide awning should always be strapped down to prevent pressure on the wires which could break in windy conditions if not correctly strapped down.
A sensor can be added to the motorised option allow for an automatic roll away in the wind or rain.

Powder Coat Colour Chart


  • Gear operated
  • Motorised


  • Acrylic (Light Filtering)
  • Mesh Weave (see-through)
  • PVC - Clear or Tinted


  • Optional Weatherbox in a powder-coated aluminium to the colour of your choice.
  • ​Bottom rail can be powder coated to your colour choice.
  • Held down by straps or dog clips.

Lead Time

  • Approx. 5 weeks from deposit to installation.