Contemporary, Elegant & Stylish

Contemporary, elegant and stylish is the only way to describe the Panel Glide. See how this beautiful blind can transform a simple room into a designer space. Panel Glides are designed to move sideways through multiple tracking systems to control the light as the panels have an overlap by approximately 45mm which makes them ideal for sliding doors, windows and room dividers.

Panels can either open to the side or bunch to the centre. Choose from Blockout and Light filtering fabrics to make any room simply stunning.

You can choose from additional options such as Standard (plain panel) back extrusion (pleated), Plantation (timber battens) or a pelmet to enhance the look of your panel glide by covering the tracking.

Panel Glides are best used over doors (e.g. modern stacker doors) allowing you to slide the blind to any position giving you easy access through the doorway.





  • Wand operated to draw the panels


We have a large range of colours, designs and textures including,

  • Blockout (No light will pass through the fabric, great for bedrooms).
  • Light filtering (This allows natural filtered light in, great for living areas).
  • Screen (Mesh type fabric available in 2%, 5% & 10% open weave, this still allows you to take in the view and cut out the direct sun and heat).



  • Standard (fabric hanging with no batterns)
  • Back Extrusions (pleat in the fabric similar to a roman blind)
  • Plantation (Timber Battern evenly spaced from a selected colour range.
  • Track colour 
  • Pelmet (optional)
  • ​Panel width and quantity of panels (3-9 panels) to suit your opening

Lead Time

  • Approx. 4 weeks from deposit to installation.


  • Reveal fit (inside the window frame)
  • Face Fit (fitted to the architrave or wall).