Curtains add a feel of luxury to any room, with a wide range of fabrics and pleats to choose from you can create a beautiful modern look to any room. All of our curtains are locally custom-made, offering a unique look to your home. Border Blinds offers a complete service from the measure right through to the installation.
Below is a range of pleats or headings available to suit your desired look.


Wave or S-Fold Pleat

Wave pleat is the latest trend in curtain headings and is widely used on sheers, The "S" shape heading is formed by sewing the fabric flat onto the heading tape and then hung on special carriers that are unique to the S-Fold.
The wave pleat is an excellent choice over a roller blind or to add a soft luxury feel using a sheer on a door or window.


Reverse Pleat

The reverse pleat consists of a wide rectangular pleat that can be used for sheers or block out curtains. The reverse pleat has a very clean look to the front due to the pleat being sewn on the reverse side of the curtain header giving you a flat modern look to the front when the curtain is closed. This is a great option for those who don't like the look of a pleat on the front side.


Double Pinch Pleat

The double pleat is a more traditional pleat consisting of two pinched pleats at the heading of the curtain and, is also an excellent choice for block out curtains.


Triple Pinch Pleat

Our triple pinch pleat gives you a luxurious full look due to the amount of fabric used. This consists of three pinch pleats together on the heading.


Knife Pleat

The knife pleat is a neat and simple heading suited to linings behind a sheer fabric on a double track. This allows a flat look giving a good block out when used as a lining.


Gathered Pleat

A gathered look is typically used on a lining behind a sheer curtain and a double track to provide a good light block out. This pleat is also known as a pencil pleat due to the narrow pleats being around the size of a pencil.


All our curtains have a range of operations,

  • Wand
  • Hand
  • Motorised



  • S-Fold / Wave 
  • Reverse / Box pleat 
  • Double Pleat
  • Triple Pleat
  • Gathered Pleat
  • Knife Pleat


Lead Time

  • Approx. 8 Weeks from Deposit to installation. 


Fabric Supplier links for inspiration




Sheers are a great option allowing filtered light and have privacy during the day

Sheer with lining or block out behind gives you the benefits of a sheer during the day and pull across the lining for privacy at night and block out the light.


Double Hem finish with the curtain approx. 1cm off the floor.