Auto Lock Awning

A robust awning that can be pulled up and down to stop at any given point, and retract back up into a weather box. Auto Lock Awnings are a great choice to allow air flow into the house while cutting the sun from hitting the glass. This awning is available with Colour co-ordinated weather box, bottom rail. Weather Box is Colorbond and available in many colours. Cloth and roller are fixed within the weather box.

Guides: Gold Steel or Stainless Steel, these are screwed to your wall or posts to enable the arms to glide freely up and down.

Arms: Match the finish of your guides with a projection from the wall of either 150mm, 300mm or 450mm.

Powder Coat Colour Chart


  • Manually operated only with your hands to rise and drop the awning on Gold steel guides or Solid 316 Marine grade Stainless Steel guides for an extra charge.


  • Acrylic (Light Filtering)
  • Mesh Weave (see-through).


  • Weatherbox in the colour of your choice.
  • Weatherbox and base rail is powder coated aluminium to the colour of your choice. Arms are either Gold Steel or Stainless steel.
  • Optional valance is available in straight, wavy or none.

Lead Time

  • Approx. 5 weeks from deposit to installation.