Exterior Fabric Awning Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Fabric Awnings are specifically designed to create shade and are not a windbreak. Do not expose Awnings to extreme weather conditions – Awnings should be rolled up in windy or stormy weather. Wind damage is not covered by warranty.

Refer to the below care and maintenance information from our fabric suppliers.


Spring operated – Always grab from the centre of the bottom rail to raise or lower the awning. Use a boat hook if required.
Auto lock Awnings pull bottom rail down to the desired position and to retract pull the bottom rail down and inwards to release the arm lock. Arms will lock into position.
Straight Drop Awnings pull down to the bottom and while holding the awning lock with snap hooks or straps. Release snap hooks or straps before guiding awning back up by hand.

Drop Awnings – Always ensure that straps are released before using rope, motor or gear mechanism to roll up awnings. Wrap ropes to cleats so as young children do not get tangled up as per Australian child safety regulations. When the awning is down we recommend to strap or clip to the awning in place to avoid damage to wires, the awning and your property.

Pivot arm Awnings – Use Rope, Gear or Motor to operate awning up & down. Roll awning down to the desired position, not to far as so the fabric becomes loose. If the awning is operated by rope or tape (without winder box) wrap rope or tape around the cleat to lock into position.

Side Channel Awnings (i.e. Zipscreen) – Use Gear or motor to operate the awning. Roll down to the desired position and lock off the bottom rail with pins supplied (If spring operated only). Always ensure pins are completely disengaged before rolling up awning. If gear roll down to the desired position and that’s it. If motorised lower to the desired position and press the stop button, or the blind will stop automatically at the top and bottom limits set.

MOTORISED – When operating motorised awnings always ensure that there are no obstructions in the way of the awning. If any wind is present be ready to press the stop button if the awning stops due to the pressure on the fabric jamming in the channels, once the fabric drops slightly you can then proceed to lower the blind continuing to be ready to press to stop button until the awning has reached the bottom limit. Always press stop before changing direction.