Louvered Awnings (Trinidad)

Product Information

This is an extremely flexible awning suitable for use over windows.

Blades run horizontally so awning widths are unrestricted.

Using the adjustable blades gives you great flexibility over controlling the sun, rain and wind from entering the home.

Option hoods can also be added the awning to keep our the rain from entering between the top of the awning and the wall.

The awning is supported on tubular arms and hat section framing.


Trinidad Colours


  1. All aluminium construction
  2. All sections double-baked enamel paint finish
  3. Blades run horizontally
  4. Awning width is unrestricted with the use of joining plates
  5. Projections up to 1400mm are possible when self-supported and up to 2800mm when post supported.
  6. Blades are available in a range of colours
  7. Awning frame is white ONLY
  8. Blades can be fixed or adjustable by a handle inside the home or outside behind the blades.
  9. Projection of the wall is available in the distance of your choice.