Timber Shutters

UltraWood (Basswood) is a light, strong, sturdy timber with an attractive, fine texture, enabling finished shutters with a uniform, smooth finish. Due to the superior dimensional stability of the timber, Basswood shutters are stable, durable, resistant to warping, and not easily affected by heat.

Basswood panels can be made larger and wider than heavier materials (such as MDF or PVC shutters), with less risk of sagging or blades bowing. In operation they feel firm and secure, giving the user the impression of luxury, much like a solid, well-made item of timber furniture.
Like timber furniture, Basswood shutters if dampened can be wiped dry, but should not be allowed to sit in water; particularly at the joints and where deep holes are bored to accommodate blade pivots or other components. Water damage is potentially the only issue affecting a well-made Basswood shutter. The fear of this is why many PVC shutters are sold. However, where there is little risk of water egressing onto the shutters,

UltraWood Shutters are quick and very easy to clean without the use of chemicals which makes this product great for dust allergy sufferers or busy families.

We recycle as much packaging as possible.

Shutters are delivered with a lot of protective packaging to protect your shutters. Border Blinds strive to be as eco-friendly as possible in recycling as much of this packaging as possible. The cardboard is recycled through Solo Waste, the plastic bubble wrap is supplied to other local companies like surfboard manufacturers to wrap their boards for shipping and any remaining foam products are recycled where possible. This leaves very little to no product going into landfill.

Features & Benefits 

  • Shutters provide great privacy while still maintaining maximum airflow.
  • Made from sustainable Basswood Timber.
  • Reduces heating & cooling costs due to superior insulating properties. Provides noise reduction.
  • Stained or Painted finishes available.
  • Powder coated aluminium Clearview control rod.
  • Mortise & Tenon joints for strength
  • NOT suitable for bathroom or high moisture areas.
  • Tension screw system ensures long term trouble free louvre movement.
  • All blades aluminium reinforced & available in 64mm & 89mm width.
  • Smooth, durable paint finish which is easy to clean without chemicals or detergents.
  • All shutter panels are assembled to your size then painted, for optimum finish.


Mounting Options

  • Face Fit (On the architrave or wall)
  • Reveal Fit (Inside the window/Door frame)
  • Bifold
  • Sliding
  • Fixed
  • Bay Windows  
  • Corner Windows
  • Frame Options


  • Stained or Painted finishes available


  • 5 Year Structural Warranty*
  • 3 Year Paint Warranty*
  • 1 Year on Hinges, Catches & InstallationWarranty*
    (*Conditions Apply)

Lead Time

  • Up to 12 Weeks from deposit to installation.


  • Range of colours to suit your project

BMAA (Blinds Manufacturers Association of Australia)

BMAA has prepared an Industry Guideline regarding Plantation Shutters.

Plantation Shutters are an appealing window and door dressing, considered to be at the pinnacle of window covering types. They are manufactured from robust materials and are considered to be fine furniture that typically increases the value of a home.

Compared to other window covering types, the robust nature of Plantation Shutters also makes them substantially heavier, and when gravity combines with a Hinged or Bi-fold installation method, it is usual for slight dropping or sagging to occur to the panels when operated out of their closed position.

The louvres of the shutter are used to control the light entering a room, but where access to the window is required for opening or cleaning the window, the shutter panels can be swung out of the way. It is expected that the panel will need to be lifted or assisted back into the window frame when closing, to support the panel and avoid damage to the window frame. To maintain structural integrity, shutter
panels should be returned to their closed position promptly.

Shutters are not expected to provide complete block out and are designed primarily to allow the user to easily and efficiently control light and airflow.