Vogue Shutters are made from strong and durable Polyresin 3, a colour fast compound with UV stabilisers, Vogue Shutters are water resistant and as such can be used inside the home, including in humid environments such as the bathroom or laundry, as well as outside the home. And the good news is your shutters will look as good as new for many years to come with the product guaranteed to not blister, peel, flake, corrode or fade.

Vogue Shutters provides a 20-year warranty, for peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

Vogue Polyresin Shutters are easy to clean with just soap and water. Their two port hinge system allows the panels to be easily removed and can be hosed outdoors.

Made from Polyresin

A colour fast compound with UV stabilizers designed for strength and durability, to maintain their original colour. Shutters will not blister, peel, flake, corrode or fade and never need painting.

Fire Retardancy Information

Complies with the General Requirements of the Building Code of Australia for Fire Hazard Properties of materials in buildings. Not suitable for use in parts of buildings with Special Requirements i.e. fire isolated exits; public corridors leading to a fire isolated stairway, passageway or ramp; a patient care area of health care buildings; and in a public assembly building (e.g. theatre or hall) not protected with a sprinkler system.

Suitable for Wet Environments

Ideally suited for use above kitchen sinks, bathrooms or other high humidity areas. Vogue Shutters have no unsightly staples which may rust, and will not warp, crack or swell due to water exposure.

Additional Insulator

An R-value of 3.40 helps to reduce heating and air conditioning costs and outside noise. Closing the louvres upward can help keep heat in the home and provide more privacy.

Modern Manufacturing

Custom crafted in state-of-the-art computerised production facilities that meet today’s demanding quality standards.


White, Vanilla and Pearl.

Elliptical Louvre Sizes

64mm, 89mm and 114mm (114mm not available in Vanilla)

Tilt Bar

Connecting Method - Provides the time honored look associated with shutters. Louvres can be opened or fully closed in both directions, unlike other shutters which are one-directional only. This method has eliminated unsightly gears or staples which tend to rust or break.

Clearview Connectors

Hidden louvre joiners provide an unobstructed view, giving our classic shutters a clean and contemporary look.

Seamless Louvre Caps

Innovative seamless capping technology eliminates the seam between the louvre body and the end cap, for a sleek and modern look.

Panel Lock

This unique system eliminates the use of magnets. When panels are closed, a spring-loaded plunger acts as a ball catch to hold the panels in the closed position.

Exclusive Deluxe Divider Rail

The unique design of this rail integrates a handle which provides a clean and easy method of opening shutters. Offered as an option to the existing regular divider rail, the deluxe divider rail is the ultimate in functionality, design and elegance.

Aluminium Jamb & Louvre Inserts

Provides a hidden reinforcement for patio door shutters and larger shutter panels.

Light Block and Interlock

Vogue Shutters provide both an insulating seal and cover unwanted light gaps between panels.

Adjustable Jamb Cap

If adjustments are required, the screw located on the bottom of each panel can be threaded in or out of the cap accordingly. Thread into the panel until the screw is virtually invisible when adjustments are not needed.

Permanent Finish

Our Polyresin compound features a permanent finish resistant to dents and scratches.

20 Year Warranty

Environmental Benefits


Vogue Shutters are virtually maintenance free.They are not painted, so they will never need repainting. They will not blister, peel, flake, corrode or fade. They are unaffected by water or wood-destroying organisms. They are UV-stabilized for many years of performance in even the sunniest climates. They are designed for indoor and outdoor applications.


The efficient design and durability of Vogue Shutters mean they will last many times longer than traditional blinds or shades. This is an important environmental benefit, because the longer a product lasts, the less energy and other resources are expended to both, manufacture, ship and install replacement products, and then remove, transport and dispose of those replacements. Vogue Shutters last many years, so when their cost is annualised, they can actually cost less than "cheaper" alternatives.

Energy Efficient

Vogue Shutters are completely adjustable, allowing you to fully control the solar energy entering your windows and doors. Their macrocellular construction creates effective dead-air insulation, and coupled with polyresin’s low conductivity they greatly reduce heat exchange. Vogue Shutters reflect inbound solar rays back to the outside during summer, but can be opened to allow the warming sun into your home in winter, thereby reducing air-conditioning costs.


The safety of Polyresin has been overwhelmingly confirmed in more than 50 years of scientific study. It is therefore no surprise that Polyresin is used extensively in schools, hospitals, day care centres, clinics, medical offices and nursing homes. Polyresin pipe brings potable water into millions of homes each day, and is widely used in food, beverage packaging and children’s toys.

Indoor Air Quality

Vogue Shutters have no adverse impact on indoor air quality. Fabric window treatments can produce microscopic, inhalable airborne fibres, and are able to harbour mites, mould, mildew & bacteria in their porous surfaces. The non-porous surfaces of Vogue Shutters provide no haven for harmful organisms. Polyresin products are formaldehyde-free, and meet low VOC (volatile organic compound) requirements in standards such as those set forth by "Greenguard".


More than 95% of the Polyresin production waste can be granulated and recycled. Due to the durability of the product’s performance it will last longer than alternative products, requiring less energy resources for replacements.

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