Coolum (PVC) Care & Maintenance

To keep your plantation shutters in top condition please follow these simple instructions and tips.

  • Keep free of dust with a soft cloth, feather duster, microfibre wand or gently vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment.
  • Use a small soft brush to dust cracks and hard to get at places.
  • Spot clean with a soft damp cloth when necessary – quickly wipe dry. If soap and water must be used then use a small amount of mild liquid soap in lukewarm water.
  • Remember to clean hinges, catches and any metal parts.
  • NEVER use a silicon-based product, abrasives or harsh cleaning products for cleaning your shutters Repair any damaged surfaces to prevent premature deterioration.
  • Ensure that panels are properly fitted to catches or supports/frames at all times.
  • Centre Tilt Rod – Always tilt the blades by using the Tilt Rod to reduce the chance of staples pulling loose.
  • Bi-Fold Panels – When opening please remember to close the blades to prevent damage and pull the panels toward the stack end allowing them to bunch together, DO NOT push shutters open.
  • Sliding Panels – When opening please remember to close the blades unless the panels are designed to slide with blades open.
  • Regular vacuuming of Bi-Fold and Sliding tracks will keep them free of grit for easy action.
  • Please remember even on well-maintained shutters all finishes will fade over time – fading cannot be reversed or original tones rejuvenated.