The Aluminium Shutter provides elegance, style and sheer sophistication.

The range consists of four painted colours – Pearl White, White Birch, Precious Silver and Black.

Aluminium Shutters are great solution for outdoors and can complete and enhance any living space.

These blinds have the option of being installed with tracking for sliding and bi-fold shutters, U Channels for fixed shutters and L Frames and T Posts if required for hinged shutters.

Our unique and complete system allows adjustment with our interlocking U Channels for out of square situations.

90mm sized blade

Strong and durable

Ideal for outdoor use

High UV powder coated finish

T5 Aluminium used, which is commonly used in the aviation industry


Pearl White, White Birch, Precious Silver and Black.


Powdercoated finish.

Blade Size


Maximum Panel Width

1500mm Fixed Panel

900mm Hinged

600mm By-Fold

1350mm Sliding (Bypass)

Maximum Single Panel Height


Suitable Areas

Suitable for internal and external applications.


Colour, Installation Layout design, can be use Fixed in posistion, Hinged, Bi-fold or Bypass applications and can be fitted with locks.


We warrant our aluminium shutters to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of Seven years from the time of receipt of the original goods. This warranty is valid only to the original purchaser and any resale or other transfer of the product and/or materials voids this warranty. Ask our staff for more details.

Care & Maintenance

Aluminium Shutters when exposed to oxygen can naturally form an oxide layer from transparent air particles. Over time the build-up of surface grime on the oxide layer can deteriorate the condition of the powder coating and also the Aluminium.

Powder Coated Aluminium Shutters include a powder coated finish designed to improve the corrosive resistance of the high quality Aluminium material.

To maintain the appearance and maximise the life of the product we advise regular cleaning of the Aluminium Shutters.

Maintenance Guidelines

Using a sponge or a non-abrasive brush, regularly wash the surface with a soft detergent and thoroughly rinse with clean water.

(See suggested Maintenance Schedule below).

Once cleaned any Hardware and moving parts should be coated using anon-abrasive Silicon Spray to maintain the products operating ability.

Never use strong detergents, strong cleaning solvents, acids, degreasers or abrasive tools that may lead to scratching and deterioration of the coated surfaces.

Maintenance Schedule



Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Mild Conditions

Rural, away from coastal and industrial areas.

Every 6 Months

Moderate Conditions

Urban, away from coastal and industrial areas.

Every 3 Months

Heavy Conditions

Within 20km’s of coastal and industrial areas.

Every 1 Month



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