Innovative & Modern

Zebra blinds are an innovative window furnishing that features two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric that combine to create a modern feel. We now have a large range of luxurious fabrics and colours to help you to create your statement look.

A single control is used to slide the opaque and translucent woven stripes past each other, The same operation is used to raise or lower the blind to any height in the window with ease, in the same way the classic roller blind operates. The front layer moves independently of the back allowing the stripes to glide between each other creating an open and closed effect, with limitless light control. Sliding the fabric into a closed ‘opaque-opaque’ position allows full privacy and an impressive block of beautiful fabric at your window, whilst the ‘translucent-opaque’ position creates a stunning striped statement.


  • Chain

We have a large range of colours, designs and textures including,

  • Blockout (No light will pass through the fabric, great for bedrooms).
  • Light filtering (This allows natural filtered light in, great for living areas).


  • Chain colour
  • Baserail colour
  • ​Cassette Headbox Colour

Lead Time

  • Approx. 4 weeks from deposit to installation.


  • Reveal fit (inside the window frame)
  • Face Fit (fitted to the architrave or wall).