Safe View

Safe View doors and windows are fitted with either 304-grade stainless steel mesh or 7mm diamond grille. Safe View is a safety product only and is used primarily where cost is a major consideration for the customer.

The 304-grade stainless steel mesh is retained in the door or window frame with a riveted wedge retention system. This provides a sturdy, attractive barrier door or window, with all the visual benefits of stainless steel mesh, for price-conscious customers.

The retention system fixings for doors are covered with a special cover strip to provide a smooth and clean finished product when viewed from both inside and out.
The 7mm diamond grille is riveted into the built-in channel for extra strength and is supplied already fitted with Ultramesh flyscreen as standard.

Both options are classed as barrier doors/windows only and are not security rated. They are ideal for occupied protection (while the resident is at home), where visibility is of high concern, and complete security is not the primary purpose.

Supplied as standard with the same high-quality single point Lockwood door lock as the security products, the option of adding a triple lock system is also available for increased protection.
Windows can also be fitted with these screen options as required, for a matching look and function throughout the home.

The Diamond Grille infill is available in all standard colours from the Alsafe colour range and can be used for hinged doors, sliding doors and windows.
The colour chosen for diamond grille can have an important impact on the look of the home, so careful consideration should be made. If the diamond grille infill is made to match the door or window frame, it becomes quite visible. This can be an advantage if the intention of the screen is to provide a visual deterrent to potential intruders, but to some residents, it can also give the impression of feeling locked up in your own home, especially with lighter colours. Lighter colours also tend to be harder on the eyes when trying to look through the door or window.

While the Safe View Diamond Grille can be colour matched to the door frame or home façade accents, a black diamond grille infill will increase visibility through the opening and will be supplied as standard, independent of the frame colour.
As the diamond grille has a pattern, consideration should be given to adjacent screens.
Pattern matching can be applied but must be specifically requested, noting which screens must match, as well as advising if the adjacent screens are required to match from the top
or the bottom. Screens within the same opening (e.g. a pair of hinged doors) will automatically be pattern matched, as will screens containing a midrail/sheet joiner.

The 304 Stainless Steel Mesh infill is manufactured from strands of 0.7mm thick 304-grade stainless steel, which is woven and then powder-coated black. It is a general purpose
stainless steel mesh, suitable for non-coastal areas where great visibility is required and is classed as a type 3 infill material.

Although this 304 SS mesh infill does not comply with Australian security standards and is classed as a safety door/window only, it appears to be a full security door/window to the untrained eye. It is ideal for occupied protection (while a resident is at home), where visibility is the main concern and full security is not the primary purpose and it is useful for providing a cost-effective robust barrier system for the home.

This mesh is used exclusively in the Safe View stainless steel mesh product and can be used for hinged doors, sliding doors and windows.

Window Safety Device Requirements information Click Here


Safe View™ product is available in,

  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • ​Window Grilles.
  • 304 Stainless Steel mesh or 7mm Diamond Grill


  • They are available in seven standard colours to complement the interior and exterior of the home.
  • A single lock is standard
  • The triple lock is available for an extra fee
  • Mesh type for Diamond Grill (Refer to Flyscreens & Fly Doors).

Lead Time

  • 4 Weeks from deposit to installation.