Veri Shades

Veri Shade with the unique patented design offer versatility of a sheer and privacy in one clever curtain. Simply with the turn of a wand you can easily adjust the amount of light that enters the room or the amount of privacy required.

Turn the wand one way and the opaque fabric provides privacy and light control.
Turn the wand the other way and the mesh/sheer lets light in while maintaining privacy in the day.

The Veri Shade can be drawn back just like a curtain.

Veri Shade has no PVC or fillers in there UV stabilised fabric and is resistant to fading. 

Child and pet save with no cords or chains to get tangled in. This also eliminates any noise in the breeze with nothing to rattle or tap on the window or door frame.

Space saving over a sheer and block out curtain combination allowing more space in your room.


All our curtains have a range of operations,

  • Wand Control
  • Child Safe, No chains or cords

Lead Time

  • 5 Weeks from Deposit to installation.